Prioritizing Black Mental Wellness

Committed to providing culturally relevant therapeutic services and psychoeducation by Black therapists, fostering resilience and well-being in our communities.

Caring for Community through culturally relevant therapy

At Breanna Chanelle Therapeutic Services, we are dedicated to our mission of providing culturally relevant therapeutic services and psychoeducation by Black therapists. We believe in the power of mental and emotional well-being for Black individuals, families, and communities. Our vision is to create a future where Black individuals, families, and communities thrive and flourish, experiencing holistic wellness in every aspect of their lives. We are committed to fostering resilience, healing, and growth by offering compassionate and affirming support tailored to the unique experiences of Black communities. Join us on this transformative journey towards Black mental and emotional wellness.

Healing and growing through community, collaboration, transparency and storytelling

Discover our therapeutic approach that centers around community care, collaborative healing, transparent communication, and empowering narratives for Black wellness.

We acknowledge that the therapeutic process is a collaborative one. We view our clients as partners in their own healing, and we value their unique experiences, perspectives, and strengths. We firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to teach us something valuable, and we are committed to creating a space where mutual learning and growth can flourish.
Storytelling is a powerful tool that allows individuals to explore and make meaning of their experiences. Black voices have been silenced for centuries as others have shared inaccurate versions of our stories. We embrace the power of narratives and encourage our clients to reclaim their stories.
We understand the harm that has been caused to Black communities by oppressive systems that have failed to be transparent. We are committed to providing clear and open communication that ensures that our clients fully understand our processes.
We recognize the power of community and its importance in the journey of healing. We work from a therapeutic model that incorporates community care in the mental and emotional wellness process.

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